FC Hyena was founded by Lotte Smit and her husband Joris Brieffies. The founders of the Hotel Goudfazant and Café Modern assisted in carrying out their plan. Joris and Lotte were inspired by the cinema-with-restaurant concept of The Electric Cinema in London. Visitors are invited to get some delicious snacks and drinks at the bar prior to watching a film. Before the couple transformed this property into a cinema, Theater M-Lab performed in this very space. Important culinary info: FC Hyena has a wood-fired oven, a very skilled chef, and excellent organic wine.

Suitable for:


No footballers. No referee. No turf. No clubhouse with lukewarm, watered-down beer. But, plenty of football cards. On the wall, in one of the cinemas. FC Hyena is a film club, wine bar and restaurant. The two cinemas also serve as a workshop, presentation and meeting space. One room is perfect for groups up to 55 persons, number two accommodates up to 105 persons, and the restaurant is suitable for a brainstorm session with up to 100 persons. For those who need additional comfort during meetings: the chairs in the second room can be replaced with comfy sofas.

Special Features

  • WiFi, good projection screens and technical equipment in both rooms
  • flip charts available on request
  • good break-out options
  • separate space for lunch, drinks or dinner
  • several good catering options available


FC Hyena is located on the north side of the IJ. The address: Aambeeldstraat 24. Parking is available ­­– for the time being – in front of the door.

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